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*deep growl*

    I hate endings. I hate that something I've vested so much time in has to end, and I really hate quick tacked on the end endings, or even worse not-endings-at-all-endings....endings suck. There may be some spoilers in what follows, but nothing to big and scary...well maybe sometimes. Pfft endings.

So I just finished reading Wicked and Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire, which are both beautifully written, the characterisation is spot on and the politics of both books are a little to close to comfort about today's state of affairs. If you're looking for grown up books with long words and plots that make you go back and reread chapters just to figure out what the hell just happened I strongly suggest them. 

    However I'm not writing about them to sing praises, I use my journal to growl, and growl I shall! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ENDING?!!?!?!?!?!? At least with Wicked there was some semblance of an end. Okay many things hadn't been resolved but overall there was some sense of closure, it had described itself as the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West and that was exactly what it was about. But as for Son of Witch....DUDE WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ENDING??!?!!?!?!? Honestly after having finished the "end" of Son of a Witch I looked for the extra forty chapters that had obviously been torn out of my copy because THERE WAS NO END! I mean there's gonna be a second (or should that be third?!) book, but I don't have that much patience, I have questions a thousand and one questions, I don't like finishing things and having questions that can't be answered it makes me grouchy....it's like saying "Look kids here's a pie, no you can't eat the pie, and no we won't tell you what flavour the pie is, but you may look at the pie, go on kids, look at the pie."
While I'm growling about authors who just write "insert ending here" I can start rambling about one Stephen King, who is another of my favourite authors, his characterisations are in short, incredible, the way he builds up a plot amazing, I can read King books for days and days...but half don't finish well. *glare* Shockingly his short stories usually do, you know the typical "beginning middle and an end" but the novels?! Dude, where's my ending? Where's my time to process all that's happened? I've followed some of these characters through their entire lives and it's a fricking spider?!?!?! NO! Just no!

   And Whedon, don't think I haven't noticed what you do....When Joyce died it broke my tiny squishy heart, I cried through the entire episode. It was a time to grieve, and grieve I did, she may have been a secondary character, but I loved her, annoying typical Mother reactions and all....and then she wasn't there anymore. You allowed the fandom to grieve for her and we thanked you for it, "The Body" Is one of the most loved episodes of Buffy ever! But when the actual ending shows up:

Buffy: *beaming insanely into the sunset only seconds away from a mental breakdown.*
Giles: *confused*
Dawn: *ignored, just like she has been for the entire season.*
Wood: *wasting valuable screentime muttering on, and hitting on Faith. Shut up Wood.*
Kennedy: *sadly not dead*
Tara: *still dead*
Spike: *Deded in a poof of to-bright orange light that looked like they'd just wandered into a "self-tanners R us" warehouse.*
And Anya? Where's Anya? Just in case you missed that whole half-second they gave us, SHE'S DEAD!
Xander: *cheerfully* That's my girl.

No Xander that's not your girl. Your girls are usually ALIVE and NOT DEAD! That's a big freaking hint that she's not your girl, ok there was that one time with the inca mummy girl, but she was moving around, she wasn't SLICED IN HALF IN HALF A SECOND!!
Your girl was the one to runaway when something big and bad was coming, your girl was not the one that got stuck with Andrew and sliced in half.....I want tears dammnit, real teary-tears and sad faces, tears and faces! And I demand you get your eye back for said tear-fest!

and if that wasn't bad enough, can I quote "I'm a leaf on the wind" NO WASH, NO YOU'RE NOT! You're a potential father, I want Zoe-Wash babies, lots of them thousands of them, more sprogs then you can count, I want Mal stuck with diaper-duty, I want Kaylee as the loveable Aunty, I want Inara braiding their hair and Jayne teaching them how to load a gun. But you have to go be a leaf on the wind I DON'T WANT A FREAKING LEAF! I WANT A WINDLESS PLANET!!!

and I want Bambi's mother alive. *pouts*
I should just stop reading\watching Tv\watching films otherwise I'm just setting myself up for heartbreak. *tear*
Ok, there, I'm done. No more venting. Although if you want to make me feel less crazy add in endings that drive you nuts.
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