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So I'm back, or am I? 

So the Mother decides that the computers waaaaay to slow, this couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that we run the system on only 10% of our 112GB's of space. She decides we need more RAM. This right here is why your parents shouldn't be allowed to get computer degrees, they know about complicated things and expect you to do it, afterall her eyes just aren't what they used to be....
I read up on 1000000893981263531523 long tedious things about RAM you never wanted to know and really didn't care about. We currently run on 512MB of RAM. If we were to get another stick of the same Ram we could double the speed of the computer. Okay, yay, problem solved. Oh wait no...
Because it's not as simple as that, because computer geeks wouldn't get enough hyper-tastic naming joy from just three types of RAM, they need thousands, all with different codes and numbers and if you dare to get the wrong type for your computer? BOOM, a nice fiery explosion visible from space.
After having searched thousands of sites I'm still no closer to figuring out which OMGTHISIZDARAMYOULIEKSONEEEEED!!! So, a call to my computer-knowedlegable type person, which should have taken three seconds takes four hours, while I fidget with screwdrivers, cables and so much computer dust I will now always be a shiny grey, oh joy of joys. He finally decides he has the SuperRam that my lame-ass sulky computer needs and will send it in the "morning".
A whole week later the brand spanking new RAM arrives, since I now have the inside of my computer down to an art form it takes me a couple of seconds to plug in. Step right up girls and boys and stare at the coolest new freak on the block, she can't cook a damn thing, failed school but oh yes, she can bung in a new stick of ram in thirty seconds. *waits for applause*
We power up the useless piece of crap formally known as Coumputerzilla. No beeping and Windows loads up fine, wow looks like I actually did something right... huzzah! We check the music, AOL it all seems to be going so well... but they we try a video... lines buzz across the screen and then media player crashes.... bugger. Same thing happens trying to play games... double bugger. The mother freaks out "We can't play sims! Derek'll never get married!!!!!" While I try to figure what the hell has gone wrong...
I re-check that the Ram is plugged in, it's all good slotted in exactly where it's suppose to be, so it's nothing that I could've done.. And we've been assured that the RAM is perfectly compatible with our PC, in fact "it's probably your PC fucking up the RAM, when's the last time you updated it?!" Uhm....

So we download the top ten "things I really don't want but microsoft insists I need it" during the installation something really weird happens... it crashes.. and from that moment on anytime you attempt to make restore point the entire system falls over. Which is a pretty big deal when you have AOL-weneedtoupdateyourfreakingsoftwareeverysingletimeyoulogon as your internet provider... I defrag the system, I check the updates and the more I try to fix it the more something goes wrong.
Eventually I lose my temper, that's it, the RAM is coming out, unplug it, power up the machine, and oh my.. the computer is half-working again.. gosh I wonder, could this RAM possibly be *gasp* incompatible with my machine?
So most of the damage is fixed, videos and games can now be played again, but now there are shiny new problems... AOL can only be opened half the time and disconnects whenever it feels like... msn is unopenable, as is our anti-spyware software along with a whole bunch of other vaguely important things. *le sigh* You've probably guessed what comes next, Oh yay, it's back the whole system up on disc time again.
And because of our now pretty unstable computer it takes forever to back-up and you just know I've forgotten something... So now my PC has been (AGAIN) completely wiped and is a blank canvas waiting to be clogged back up...poor computer.
And the worst thing of all? The computer practically eats itself, is only back to normal as of this morning and already the mother is talking about "we need more RAM" *inner groan*

And on a side note... when the hell did it become April?!?! Always nice to know I've lost quarter of the year.

Love n stuff
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