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The hiiiiiillls are alive with the sound of chipmunks!

five in the morning rambling.... mmmm keyboard yhjudf midf--- whowhahuh, I'm awake.
Heeh, keyboard is a funny word.
Msn is sucky, it keeps randomly logging me out... MSN YOU SUCK.

Why do I lose my eyes in every photo taken? I mean black blobs are not eyes!Srslydudewtfbbq?

It's the whole descendant of a mongol thing isn't it? Because, as Mulan taught us, when not pretending to be a creepy-ass gargoyle, those darn mongols are squinty eyed, bird-keeping trouble-makers! ..... bloody Mongols.

In real life my eyes are browny\green, not a black blob in sight.. yes, my real-life eyes are so awesome that they change colour! Obviously that's it, my real-life eyes are so incredibly incredible that modern-day-cameras have no chance of capturing the true incredibleness of them, so instead they slap a black smudge on and say "eyes will go here at some point in the future."

Uh.. yeah.. *shuts-up*

There should be a lock on keyboards so that after a certain time of being awake, I'm not allowed to use them anymore... *nods*
Sweet dreams and smooshy huggles!

Quote of the day:

Okay, say it with me Kitt; the keyboard doesn't look comfy and the desk is not a tasty treat.
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