Ditzy Kitty (ditzy_kitty) wrote,
Ditzy Kitty

So, I'm alive, really, hehe. I think I got used to having no internet for a while and now I'm slowly getting back into my addiction. By later on today I should have photoshop back, so big smiles all 'round, hehe.

Recommend 5 songs, 1 song must be from the list that was recommended to you. And tag 5 people that have to do the same thing.

For example: Kid A makes a post with 5 songs that he/she recommends and tags Kid B and 4 other people. Kid B does the same thing but includes 1 of the songs that was listed in Kid A's list as well as 4 other songs. (of course Kid B tags 5 other people and so on and so on)

Picking just five songs? This is so unbelievably hard, so I've just picked my favourite five of the moment, meaning by this time tomorrow I'll have different favourites 'cause I'm super special that way.
The links are to youtube...

1: For Reasons Unknown - The Killers
Hear it here.

2: Sanctuary - Utada Hikaru 
Hear it here.

3: Time is running out - Muse
Hear it here.

4: It's a Hit - Rilo Kiley
Hear it here.

5: 32 Flavours - Ani Difranco
Hear it here.

And the super duper extra bonus from Kid A's list is: Coffee and Tv - Blur
Hear it here.

And can I also point you all towards:
Tara Lipinski Ice-skating to Paint It Black just 'cause it's so pretty.



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