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Flying low; defied by gravity.


Went to see the doctors, the nurse is a fun-sucking bitch evil, apparently my heart-rate is double what it's suppose to be, according to her most girls my age are somewhere between 60 and 70 mine's 113, this could be due to nerves, signs of physical illness, or being unfit {love the emphasis she gave the last option.} but we'll discuss that more when my results for the bloodtest come back {early some time next week, don'tcha just love the british health system?}

Bought a new coat, it's gorgeous, and not made for super-tall people, ooo yay! And I'm considering getting my hair highlighted. Because... I can, hehe. I'll give a proper update with either spam-y quizzes or an actual rant {how long since I've done one of those? lol} sometime soon, though I'd have to actually be half awake, hehe.

Oh, and the kittens are uber-squeaky.

Wove you all my darlin's
*smooshy huggles*
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