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Cats! Pictures of Cats! oh my!

Special Fred!

We have a cat named Fred, and every picture you take of him comes out looking just a little bit... special. See for yourselves:

Pretty as a Picture!</b>

This is our second youngest {still looking for a home for her} we thought she was a boy, named her Dean, turns out she's a girl, so Deanie Baby was named, lol.

Mamma's Boy!

This is my Mum's cat, and he hates me. But he's pretty and yes he is a total wuss.

Ferret Love!

Our youngest {we're looking for a home for him too} aptly named the ferret, because... he dashes about madly, will run straight up your leg{with claws} and he trembles all the time. It looks a little like his tail is always wagging.

Da doo Ron Ron is not amused. But he is soooo cute, bless his ickle cotton socks!

Wove you all!

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