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He may be a serial killer but a good one, like a carebear with knives.

Quick note in-between adoring photoshop and dancing around the room, {yes I finally have my own sparkly copy, and thank you so much Tai, I think I now owe you several thousand kidneys.. perhaps I should start a kidney farm...} to tell you all about my new favourite show because chances are I'll be rambling about it for some time to come.

Dexter. Dexter is.. well, uh.. a serial killer, who only kills serial killers. Trust me it's better than I made it sound. Plus he's funny, for you know.. a guy with sociopathic tendencies. Oh and the wonderfully talented\beautiful\fabulous Julie Benz plays his girlfriend, and it's all so good so catch it if you can. Because it's excellent.... and I said so.

Read more about Showtime's Dexter here.
Quote of the day:

So basically, yes, I have a crush on a serial killer with severe intimacy issues.
... And that's what therapy is for dear Kitty.
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